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How to find us: (This is old news - we now live in Houtskär, Finland)

We live in a village named Fislisbach, which is a place with 5.000 inhabitants in canton Argovia close to a city called Baden, which is roughly 25 km north-west of Zürich.
Above you can see a view from our balcony to the rest of the village and the nearby mountains with excellent ski-slopes...

... just kidding, unfortunately :-( That picture is taken from a hotel balcony in Lenk during a weekend I spent there when the family was visiting Finland - a morning view with -20 degrees celcius...

Our village is a typical Swiss midland village close to a larger city - the old part quite small, otherwise built during the last 50 years, but safe and offers a comfortable living. Below is a picture of Fislisbach. Our house has been circled with a beige pen

Our address:
Bollstrasse 10
CH-5442 Fislisbach

Our NEW address (starting July 26th, 2004)
Mickelsbacka C 1
FIN-21760 Houtskär

Telephone Numbers:
Phone: +358 440 33 66 11
Mobile Mikael: +358 40 752 98 03
Mobile Anne: +358 400 72 09 04 
Mobile Amanda: +358 40 846 02 14

Mikael: mikael@grannas.ch
Anne: anne@grannas.chAmanda: amanda@grannas.ch

Driving instructions:
From the motorway A1, coming from Basel, take the exit Baden (before the Baregg tunnel). If you come from Zürich along A1, first drive through the Baregg tunnel, and then take exit Baden, and turn right towards Baden.
You will soon arrive to a crossing with a Shell service station beside it. Please turn left if you come from Basel or drive straight if you come from Zürich.
In the next T-crossing turn right towards Mellingen
After a couple of hundred meters you pass a MacDonald's on your right side. From this, you drive straight towards Mellingen for exact 2 km.
After these 2 km, turn right to Steinäckerstrasse (you have 200 meters before passed the centre of Fislisbach)
Turn at the 2nd crossing left onto Bollstrasse (the first one is also Bollstrasse, but it's easier to take the 2nd one)
Continue along Bollstrasse until the road starts to turn left. At this point you see a couple of parking places on your left side. Park there.
When walking along the walkway into the yard, our house is directly to the right

And finally ... we would be very pleased if you would send us a short message.

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