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This here is a new thing I'm testing...

I've always enjoyed telling stories for my kids in the evening and I've also been of the opinion that I have a fairly good imagination. On the other hand, during the last couple of years I haven't had the time to do this and furthermore I've started to notice, that I've started to gradually forget my native tongue (Swedish).

This week I'm on holiday and today I started to do something about combining these issues. Hence I've now picked up my storytelling and revived a character from my stories that I'm now writing about in Swedish. The character is a weird mix of a bird and frog who's always hungry. I now add the first chapter, but I've already started on the 2nd chapter and hope to be adding even more chapters in the near future. I will also talk to my daughter about animating something to give the story more "character"

I would also appreciate your input about the story (feedback form is below). Please tell me what you think about it and give me some ideas what could happen as the story proceeds. I will consider all the ideas and work on them if I think they would fit the storyline (some ideas could also end in a new "Fläskkråkpaddan" story later if this test works out).

PS. For formality's sake I keep all the "intellectual" property rights for this stuff

16.4.04: Chapter 2 added
19.4.04: 2 Pictures by Amanda added to chapter 1